Keep it Safe

Functional Safety instrumentation can help ensure the safety of your process and facility when you need it the most. When built to strict IEC 61508 standards, these devices ensure safe and reliable operation – particularly where hazardous or emergency situations can occur.


The white paper “Safety Instrumented Systems: The ‘Logic’ of Single Loop Logic Solvers” examines what safety-certified Single Loop Logic Solvers can achieve when performing Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF) that require high integrity architectures, high availability architectures or both. With a brief tutorial of Safety Instrumented Systems and their related Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF), the white paper provides valuable safety system background topics.

It is accompanied by the video, “Moore Industries STA Safety Trip Alarm Demo with Peter Welander”, which demonstrates how the STA Functional Safety Trip Alarm can be used to monitor critical process signals and alert personnel to problems. In this video, journalist and industry expert, Peter Welander demonstrates the ability of the STA to monitor the temperature of water in a "hot pot" and trigger an alarm if it goes outside of a pre-programmed range.